The great mountain chain, called the GREAT DIVIDE, which commences in North Queensland and runs through New South Wales ends up at the Grampians in southwestern Victoria. 
THE DANDENONG RANGES is at the end part of that chain and is located just an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s CBD.

The DANDENONG RANGES are a favourite place for visitors, local and overseas, with more and more tourists every year enjoying the mighty eucalypt forests, deep gullies and lovely tree ferns that dot SHERBROOKE FOREST. Enjoy the thrill of driving through the BLACK SPUR range from Healesville to Narbethong. What a breath-taking trip of 40 minutes! You will never forget that ride!

At HEALESVILLE you will visit the Game Sanctuary’s 30 hectares set in a natural bushland environments which specialises in native fauna and flora. There are upwards of 200 species of Australian native wildlife on view with some easily viewed in their native habitat.


Dr. Colin MacKenzie founded the Sanctuary in 1921, on leased land for one shilling per year, so that he could study native fauna for the purpose of medical research. The land (30 ha) formed part of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve, which passed to the Healesville Council in 1927, was officially opened to the public in 1934 and called the Sir Colin MacKenzie Sanctuary for Australia Flora and Fauna. It has achieved international reputation as the world leader in wildlife care, research and conservation.

We will take you there in one of our limousines and let you enjoy a wonderful day viewing kangaroos, wallabies, sleepy koalas, emus, lyrebirds and reptiles, to name just a few in addition to some of the various attractions of the YARRA VALLEY.


The Yarra Valley area is studded with prosperous vineyards and beautiful verdant hills


The Dandenong Ranges for its lush ferns and dense forests
Sherwood Forest – home to lyrebirds, crimson rosellas, cockatoos and kangaroos.
The Maroondah Highway bisects the world famous Yarra Valley grape-growing region.

Wine tasting treats awaits you on your return from Healesville.
The Black Spur, a road across the mountain range, to Narbethong.
Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary for native fauna and flora.

Wander amongst Australia’s unique birds and animals.

The shy platypus has its own enclosure.

Walk through large aviaries and pond areas.